Innovating means conquering new goals never achieved by anyone else: ANVERA, full carbon shape, is an optimization without precedents in terms of size and performance, a veritable concentration of “Made in Italy” advanced technology.

DESIGN: ANVERA with its stylish and modern design is in line with the racing spirit of Drudi Performance by Aldo Drudi, who has pencilled this extraordinary product.

LIVEABILITY: The elegant simplicity of its lines, combined with the wide spaces on board studied in detail to ensure functionality and versatility, give ANVERA a unique liveability for its dimensions.

EFFICIENCY: Thanks to its constructive method, ANVERA is characterized by one of the best weight – power ratios as well as by a considerable reduction of installed horspower. This allows us to introduce a “sustainable performance” concept. As a matter of fact, one of the main features of ANVERA is its remarkable low fuel consumption.

CARBON FIBER: in accordance with the most modern and advanced technologies, from the automotive to the aerospace sector just to mention a few examples, ANVERA is entirely built in carbon fiber. And it is thanks to carbon fiber that it is possible to manufacture a one of a kind product such as ANVERA, in terms of lightness, strength, performance and innovative, sporty and modern design.

ANVERA: A new way to live the sea