The Anvera 55 is the original model, and the flagship of the Anvera shipyard. This stunning carbon fibre cross-over-boat (COB) is available in both the standard and ’55S’ version, which pushes the already incredible performance of the Anvera 55 to the next level. Design and technological innovation is at the heart of the Anvera shipyard, with the aim of creating a boat and an experience that has no equal. Thanks to these innovations the Anvera 55 is able to fuse performance and practicality without compromise. The lightweight design, with every possible component including the hull, helm area, and hard top built from carbon fibre, allows the Anvera 55 to deliver exceptional performance without the high consumption engines that are ordinarily required. The hull was designed, using all of Anvera’s racing experience, to take full advantage of the carbon fibre construction, giving the Anvera 55 a uniquely responsive feel.
Beyond pure performance, Anvera have also put their cutting-edge technology to work in making the Anvera 55 both more practical and versatile than comparable boats of this size. The folding wings open up to provide a large beach club area, and since the wing sections are solid rather than inflatable they also provide storage space, potentially even for small toys. The lightweight design and the effectiveness of smaller engines also opens a lot of storage space generally below the main deck, in addition to the two stylish cabins.