Anvera Origins

LG srl was founded in 2002 as a company specialised in the working of composite materials and other services pertaining to the nautical industry. The company successfully draws on experience from the Team Italia Offshore, a company founded by Norberto Ferretti for the study and research of extreme technologies. Luca Ferrari is the initiative’s promoter.

In 2014, Luca Ferrari, together with Giancarlo Galeone, later joined by Gilberto Grassi, decided to up the quality stakes at LG, with two important objectives in mind: 1) consolidation as a service centre, drawing on knowledge and skill, 2) the execution of niche products which synthesise their know-how.

Hence the revival of this work group, which over the last 20 years has executed historical and successful projects, synonymous with a passion for the sea, technical and commercial skill, but above all a strong intuition for tendencies destined to dominate the market.