Construction Process

Anvera is the result of a ten-year experience accrued in competitions, most notably class 1 Offshore, but also in industrial sectors with a high technology content.
This craft is not only lightweight, but also exceptionally resistant and safe; it requires complex and technological design, the use of special materials and attention to the smallest details. Moreover the used materials include hardly any wood.
Discover the advantages of the Anvera construction method.
Anvera is built using unidirectional or multiaxial carbon, very thick high-density PVC, and epoxy resin. All these materials are strong, as well as having high resistance to stress and impact.

Fuel saving
only 4.9 liters of fuel approximately
1 mile at 40 knots

Thanks to its construction method, Anvera boasts one of the best weight/power ratios available; at the same time it is characterized by a marked reduction in the horsepower installed. This results in efficient cost optimization as regards fuel.